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Juliette Lemley, the daughter of Sophie Marceau, in photo

Sparkling green almond eyes, heart-shaped succulent lips, daminable silhouette, charming charisma, natural beauty that cuts the screen. She is the woman what Master Alpha is for the man! She returns as an actress but also as a director with her feature film “Mrs Mills, a Perfect Neighbor”.

How to set up a WhatsApp chatbot

Mailchimp can go out the window because US software is not GDPR compliant. That’s a bit of a swallow, because it’s a user-friendly email program that many organizations deploy. What are good alternatives?

How to choose an agency to set up a chatbot

“Chatbot” is just one of many terms for the combination of artificial intelligence and language. Some of the different names for automated interlocutors like this: intelligent assistant, virtual assistant, digital assistant, personal digital assistant, chatbot, bot and metabot. To better understand the potential application in your healthcare facility, it’s useful to know the difference between a virtual assistant, chatbot, and …

Where to put a chatbot?

As a communications professional, you are constantly looking for ways to streamline processes and monitor quality. Chatbots can help with that. Its application increases efficiency, cost reduction, and increased customer and employee satisfaction. But how do you start doing that?